Border collies


Fluffy black and white puppies reminiscent of baby panda bears are very tempting but are you prepared for the commitment of taking one of these wonderful working dogs into your home for its natural lifetime?

Border collies are extremely intelligent and active dogs with a wonderful sense of humour. They evolved to work with one master rather than the usual “pack”. They are loyal and sensitive dogs. and have an in-born desire to please their master, so much so that the slightest reprimand from that beloved person will upset them enormously. They have a natural distrust of strangers which stems from their task of guarding the sheep from stock thieves. There has been much negative criticism of the B.C. often as a result of ill-informed owners taking on these highly intelligent creatures with tremendous stamina and making little if no attempt to meet their working needs. Then when the un-stimulated B.C. finds unsuitable ways of coping with their boredom, they are labelled destructive and un-manageable.
Shenanigan Henderson B.C.

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